A rare look inside nuclear powered submarine USS Florida | Nightline

ABC Newsโ€™ David Muir is granted rare access inside the formidable USS Florida, a nuclear powered guided missile submarine. Crew members discuss the conflict with Russia.



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21 Replies to “A rare look inside nuclear powered submarine USS Florida | Nightline”

  1. I see the Navy has laxed their PT standards since i was an AO from 1998 to 2002 aboard the Carl Vinson. That kid near the helm is alittle heavy. He would not be ships company on a CVN, that's for sure. At least not topside. Good lord son, someone make a hole for this kid so he can get his running in aboard ship. ๐Ÿ˜‚

  2. It is ironic how a republican red state (Florida), a submarine named after a red state, which President Trump is a citizen of now, is keeping an adversary away when Trump tries to be Putin's friend.

  3. America trying their best to preserve their democracy and captitalism. In the end nations and people are just slaves to their ideologies which is pretty sad if you ask me. Where did we go wrong smdh.

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