Made in 1954 as the U.S. Navy entered the nuclear submarine era, “Take ‘Er Down” celebrates the history of the submarine. At :55, the new submarine USS Nautilus is shown on the launching ways. At 1:10 the Navy’s first diesel submarine USS Holland is shown in operation. At 1:28 the L and K class boats of WWI are shown, and then R and S class boats. At 1:57 the outbreak of WWII at Pearl Harbor is shown, and then a brief history of the submarine force operating in the Pacific from 1942-1945. As torpedoes wreak havoc on Japanese shipping, various improvements are shown including new radar and sonar, and improved silent electric torpedoes. At 3:20 training simulation is seen. At 4:20 some of the benefits of serving in the “Silent Service” are shown including great food, camaraderie, and of course no showers for weeks at sea. At 5:00 Navy psychologists assess potential crewmembers. At 5:22 the submarine school at New London is shown. At 6:40 drills are shown at sea including crash diving. At 8:13 the escape training tower is shown. At 8:25 newly minted submariners arrive on their new boat. At 8:40 the USS Spinax radar picket boat is shown. At 8:55 USS Tunny (actually probably USS Cusk) is shown launching a V-1 rocket. At 9:09 the K1, a hunter-killer boat, is shown. At 9:24 a submarine makes an emergency surface. At 9:37 the USS Perch with an amphibious hangar on the rear of the sub is shown. At 9:45 a helicopter takes off from Perch as part of work with the UDTs. At 9:57 the UDT assault party is shown. At 11:04 the Balao class USS Cubera SS-347 is shown after GUPPY class conversion. At 11:10 a snorkel is shown in operation allowing running of the diesels without surfacing. At 11:30 an atomic bomb explodes as part of Operation Crossroads. Now the nuclear submarine USS Nautilus is shown at 11:50. The submarine harnesses the power of the atom.

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