Funny Submarine Rules Keep Sailors Sane

How do you keep up morale on a Navy submarine submerged for days under the polar ice cap? Rules-some serious, some not so much. WSJ’s Julian Barnes reports from the USS New Mexico during its recent deployment in the Arctic Ocean.

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20 Replies to “Funny Submarine Rules Keep Sailors Sane”

  1. Actually…the Sub could stay under water for 50 + years…the only thing that forces the sub to surface is that it needs to get resupply with food. The 90 time frame is the deployment time for the sub…Most of the time, it comes in, changes crew, gets new fresh food…and heads back out to sea…

  2. Another rule is when two ships pass one capt will yell to the other “Ayy”
    2nd yells back Ayy” then toots ships horn.
    1st capt answers back by tooting his horn. This goes all the back to the Bible, look it up if you don’t believe it. Ayy fo an Ayy and toot for a toot, is in there. 😝

  3. Earned me the right to steam an old FRAM Gearing tin can, wouldn't trade that for anything, some of the backwater ports we liberty'd in was cosmic- my Dixie cup goes off to you bubble boys, most of your sea time is no see time.

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