Life at Sea: Navy Submarine

Life at sea on a submarine is unlike anything else on earth. It’s a hidden moving missile silo and for Sailors on a mission, it’s home:

Submariners are highly knowledgeable, skilled engineers and technicians who thrive when challenged. With an air of relentless positivity, they keep our shores safe as the unseen defenders of the deep.


17 Replies to “Life at Sea: Navy Submarine”

  1. Misleading title for this video, the Title should be life on a Navy SSBN the cruise ship of the Navy. Only on a boomer does everyone have their own rack, plenty of space, and eight hours a day to play video games. The working Navy SSNs is a more challenging life wo the luxuries.

  2. THIS IS NOT ACCURATE!!!! This only applies to SSGN and SSBN class Submarines which are twice the size as your average 688 Class. These 2 classes of Submarines only make up 15 percent of the Submarine Force with Blue and Gold Crew combined as a unit!! The reality is that every new Sailor entering the Submarine Force will be stuck to either a 688 Los Angeles Class or a Virginia Class which is the majority of what makes up the Submarine Force Billets filled. What that means is: You will have to share a bunk, you will have no space to workout, and most of all you will feel like you have no time to yourself at all. THIS IS THE REALITY, these are facts. SSBN and SSGN are not even close to the same culture as a Virginia Class or Los Angeles Class Submarines.

  3. My late husband was in the Navy on subs (SSBN and SSN) for 10 years. We got 4 family grams per patrol with blocked words. Families were close and it was a whole different world

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