Life on a U.S. Navy Submarine

The Navy’s submarine force is unlike any other community in the military, a small, tight-knit group of approximately 20,000 active-duty and reserve Sailors who spend months at a time sailing deep below the waves. Between their secretive missions and their lack of contact with the outside world, the submarine community is often a mystery to those on the outside.


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  1. I was in The Royal Navy here in the UK, on surface ships. I have a great buddy who was on subs most of the time, he always teases me saying, "You were in THE GREY FUNNEL LINE!!!!" EITHER WAY! We ALL serve/d our countries. God bless you all in the USA Navy, from ME, retired Royal Navy UK.

  2. I've watched other videos on submariner daily life in the US Navy, and tip my hat to anyone who serves their country in such a way. I understand (some) submarine crews have the option of watching movies in their leisure time, but would anyone know if US submariners are able to watch some new release movies (by digital download) in their submarine at around the same time of movie release in cinemas, or if it would only be when new release films become available for rent on iTunes, etc? Appreciate any feedback on this in advance. Thanks.

  3. When I first reported onboard the battleship back in the 80's I was surrounded by a bunch of asshole petty officers and chiefs. They weren't nice like these in the submarine. 🤨

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