Submarine Fleet Strength by Country (2020) Military Power Comparison 3D

Total Submarine Strength by Country
Submarine Fleet Strength by Country (2020)
Submarine Comparison
Military Power Comparison
#Submarine #Comparison
Total submarine fleet strength by naval power.

The modern attack submarine is capable of sea- and land-attack through conventional and nuclear means. Beyond their most obvious uses, submarines can be used in support of special forces operations and reconnaissance work. Many modern world navies utilize the submarine, primarily as a deterrent element in territorial waters with most modern, notable forces keeping a standard fleet of about five or more boats.

Total Submarine Strength by Country – Military Power Comparison 2020

Submarine Fleet Strength by Country (2020) Military Power Comparison

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23 Replies to “Submarine Fleet Strength by Country (2020) Military Power Comparison 3D”

  1. This is retarded, you cannot measure "strength" based on the total number of subs in a nations fleet, only by comparing subs of near or equal capability/type.

    You dont compare a sub designed to launch ICBM's, to a non-nuclear relic from the 1950's/60's…..that makes no sence!!!

  2. 1: USA (the us can afford the best tech and the numbers to match)
    2: Russia (russia is primarily a land based power, russian leaders/command have always given greater importance/resources to the army and air force….the navy got the left overs)

    3: UK (Yes a small fleet, but the royal navy submarine fleet is arguably the best trained and most experienced….the history and success of the british navy speaks for itself)
    4: China (yes china has a large fleet, but china's navy is far from tested, they have not fought a major power at sea and won in centuries)

    5: France (when was the last time France won against a major power?)

  3. If this is true, i feel even more sorry for the North Korean ppl.. they aint no rich country…spend more money at the ppl…not warmaterials 🙁

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