Life at Sea: Navy Submarine

Life at sea on a submarine is unlike anything else on earth. It’s a hidden moving missile silo and for Sailors on a mission, it’s home:

Submariners are highly knowledgeable, skilled engineers and technicians who thrive when challenged. With an air of relentless positivity, they keep our shores safe as the unseen defenders of the deep.


Navy Submarine Officer

The intricate machinery aboard a submarine is complex—but managing the intricacies between the people is far more difficult. Navy Submarine Officers hold leadership roles in every department on a submarine. Whether you are managing navigation, controlling quality or directing missions, you’re always leading by example. Every decision is a reflection of your judgement, so you must have the courage to trust it. Ultimately, it is your job to manage your team and keep those around you safe. Find out more at


Fast Attack

In this video, learn the inner workings and versatility of a Virginia Class fast attack submarine.

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