RGG S01E45: Fast Attack: High Tech Submarine Warfare [DOS]

IMPORTANT: I didn’t save the VOD for episodes 45 to 50. The VODs are gone, Sorry!!!
RGG S01E45 – M.A.X.: Mechanized Assault and Exploration (DOS) – Dropped – It was gonna take forever, so I throw myself to the hands of RNGsus.
RGG S01E46 – The Ball Game (DOS) – Game Completed
RGG S01E47 – PC Futbol 5.0 (DOS) – Game Completed
RGG S01E48 – 1-0 Soccer Manager (DOS) – Game Completed
RGG S01E49 – Duke Nukem 3-D Duke! Zone II (DOS) – Game Completed
RGG S01E50 – Magocracy (DOS) – Game Completed
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Retro Game Gauntlet (RGG) it’s an interactive live challenge, the main goal is to beat random games from different platforms.
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WINNING CONDITION: Win career mode.

COMMENT: (Game Dropped) I feel like if I will in an empty island, I will have the time to play patiently all the mission on this game but since time is money (fun) I prefer to have fun with a different game. Seriously missions seemed really long and a lot of procedures to do to just move the sub around.

REMEMBER: This video it’s a full playthrough of Fast Attack: High Tech Submarine Warfare (DOS) – Dropped (S01E51) from start until I the game is beaten or the winning condition has been met, sometimes games can be dropped but with a +1 game penalty.

Special thanks to MCAAronIce (Twitch Editor), Cochran (Twitch Editor) and Creloce (Thumbnails).
Also I want to thank ‘Memememe’, ‘christian r’, ‘Output Coupler’, ‘Sufyaan Altalib’ and ‘Seth Blase’ for supporting me and making possible this video.

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