Russians Used Sub-Launched Missiles to Strike Vinnytsia Business Center

Russian Navy Kilo-class submarine Novorossiysk. Photo by Yörük Işık‏ used with permission

Russia launched missiles from a submarine to strike a civilian business center in Vinnytsia, Ukraine, a senior U.S. military official confirmed Friday.

The attack killed 23 people, The Washington Post reported.

The U.S. official did not have any additional updates on submarines in the Black Sea but the missiles are likely Kalibr NK missiles, given the range needed to hit Vinnytsia — about 300 miles north of the Black Sea. The Russians have a fleet of Kilo-class submarines in the Black Sea submarines capable of launching missiles that have a range of 1,000 nautical miles, USNI News previously reported.

Although the Russians are claiming they targeted a Ukrainian military facility, there is no evidence that one was there, the senior military official said. From the video the official saw, it appears to be a residential building.

“I didn’t see anything there that looked anything close to military,” the official said. “It looked like an apartment building. So no, I have no indication that there was a military target any near anywhere near that.”

USNI News contributor H.I. Sutton tweeted a picture Friday that shows a Kilo-class submarine submerging behind a Russian frigate in the Black Sea.

The submarine needs to be submerged to fire its missiles, Sutton wrote in his tweet.

The Kalibir missiles have been in use by the Russian Navy since the 2010s and operate similarly to the U.S. Tomahawk land attack missiles. The missiles were first reportedly used in a conflict against Islamic State targets in 2015, USNI News reported at the time.

In March, the Russian Ministry of Defense released footage of a Buyan-M-class corvette firing eight Kalibir missiles at targets in Ukraine.

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Russia test-fires new hypersonic Tsirkon missiles from frigate, submarine

FILE PHOTO: Russian President Putin meets with Kazakh former President Nazarbayev in Saint Petersburg

MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russia test-fired around 10 new Tsirkon (Zircon) hypersonic cruise missiles from a frigate and two more from a submarine, Interfax news agency said on Friday citing northern fleet.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has lauded the weapon as part of a new generation of unrivalled arms systems.

Putin has called a missile test, conducted last week, “a big event in the country’s life”, adding that this was “a substantial step” in increasing Russia’s defence capabilities.

Some Western experts have questioned how advanced Russia’s new generation of weapons is, while recognising that the combination of speed, manoeuvrability and altitude of hypersonic missiles makes them difficult to track and intercept.

Putin announced an array of new hypersonic weapons in 2018 in one of his most bellicose speeches in years, saying they could hit almost any point in the world and evade a U.S.-built missile shield.

(Reporting by Vladimir Soldatkin, Editing by Louise Heavens)

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The US Built A New Submarine The World Is Afraid Of

The US Built A New Submarine The World Is Afraid Of

While nuclear power seems for many to be a fairly modern innovation, research on nuclear marine propulsion started way back in the 1940’s. In fact, the first nuclear-powered submarine took its maiden voyage in 1955. Since then, the tech, range, power and capabilities of these nuclear vessels have improved exponentially. So, what is the latest in the world of nuclear-powered marine vessels and what can we predict on the horizon?

In this episode we are going to learn all about the latest generation of nuclear-powered ships and take a guess on what leaps we’ll make in the future.

So, let’s get into it!

#Submarine #US #Navy


Watch India's Deadliest Sub INS Kalvari Dive Underwater, Shoot Missiles

As the Indian Navy celebrates 50 years of its submarine operations, it has released footage of INS Kalvari – India’s deadliest Scorpene class submarine – undergoing sea trials. The French-designed submarine was commissioned into the Navy by Prime Minister Narendra Modi earlier this month. (Video Courtesy: Indian Navy)

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