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I made this one hour primetime television special in 1986. At the time, it was a big deal for the American Navy to let me on one of their submarines. I loved the experience and the submariners. This documentary won the Blue Ribbon at the American Film Festival. In my opinion what makes this so realistic is the everyday life submariners experienced and how when they trusted me and the crew, they let me record how things were when no one was watching. I was impressed with how professional they were and how, though underwater for months at a time, they treated each other decently and with respect. It takes a certain kind of person to be a submariner and I have deep respect for their professionalism and their patriotism. I know from so many who have commented on this video that to some extent, life on board a submarine has changed. For example there is no smoking cigarettes for sure. But in other ways, the life on board a Boomer or and attack sub isn’t all that different from what is shown here.

As I am an independent filmmaker, I make a portion of my living from selling copies of my films but I have decided, given the number of requests that I have had from ex-Navy men and women, to put the entire film up on YouTube. Please like this if you find watching it of value to you. #submarine #navy #sub #steelboats #attacksub #boomer


Indian Submariners E4P3 – Routine Life on a Submarine | Breaking Point | Veer by Discovery

How is the routine life on a submarine for the crew? Watch Harman’s experience on INS Sindhukirti, Indian Navy submarine.

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नौसेना के जवानों के लिए पनडुब्बी के अंदर नियमित जीवन कैसा होता है? भारतीय नौसेना की पनडुब्बी आईएनएस सिंधुककीर्ति पर हरमन का अनुभव देखें।

Life of a submariner is not so easy. When they are underwater, submariners follow a precise and timebound routine. They sleep in batches for 4 hours in cabins which are even more compact than the train cabins. Every submariner has to finish their daily routine within few minutes and get ready for duty.

Harman is amazed to know how submarines track the movement of any ships in the vicinity with the help of SONAR. Listening to sound waves is an important routine for submariners. On board the navy submarine INS Sindhukirti, Harman also takes part in firefighting drill for emergency situations.

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Veer by Discovery is India’s first dedicated digital channel for the Indian Armed Forces. This is Episode 4 of Breaking Point Indian Submariners where Harman is experiencing the routine life of a submariner on INS Sindhukirti.