The Deadliest Submarine the USA Ever Built

America’s Ohio-class ballistic-missile submarines are some of the quietest, stealthiest submarines in the world. The Ohio submarines represent America’s ace in the hole, megatons of nuclear firepower quietly patrolling the world’s oceans, ensuring that any nuclear attack on the United States will not go unpunished.
could Destroy the World in 30 Minutes

This Submarine Might Be the Deadliest Weapon Ever Built for 1 Reason

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22 Replies to “The Deadliest Submarine the USA Ever Built”

  1. Cripes…just these subs alone could seriously F up a good portion of the globe even after the START reduction. Those missile strike animations at 6:22 are terrifying. The up-beat little piano tune at the end of this video is hilarious.

  2. Those who serve on those submarines must have had a thorough background check as well as given a top secret clearance by the Navy. Those crewmen are the backbone of our nation's defense and deserve the best the nation can feed them and give them in equipment also.

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