The Silent Service

For enemies of the United States, the U.S. Navy is a frightening adversary; but perhaps the most frightening thing about it is the fact that at any given moment, the Navy’s submarine force is patrolling the deep, carrying deadly weapons and skilled crews anywhere they are needed. The submarine force can operate in any environment, from the icy seas of the Arctic to the deep oceans of the world. It can accomplish a variety of missions as well, including long-range missile attacks, special forces delivery, anti-ship and submarine warfare, and many top secret missions. (U.S. Navy video edited by Austin Rooney)


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  1. Royal Navy is most feared and respected… hence why American officers are offered the perishers course …. most respected commanders course in the world… hence why the Royal Navy commanders and the submarine service are the best in the world …. good job we are are your side

  2. Was in Navy 1973-1979. Served aboard and qualified on submarines USS Robert E Lee SSBN-601 and USS Skate SSN-578. Also served aboard USS Sperry AS-12, and USS Oriskany CVA-34. MM1(SS)

  3. Am an old sewerpipe sailor—'66-'68…..Qualified on both the USS Dace SSN607 & USS Albacore AGSS569–Nuke Fast Attack and a diesel experimental boat….Hard to believe that was over 50 yrs ago….

  4. A voir cela ! C'est pour quand la prochaine guerre ? Vous vous engagez à vous préparer ? Et les adversaires ? Continuent à avoir des accidents de réacteurs nucléaires en leurs sous – marins ? Extra !

  5. The release of this virus should mean the PRC loses her airline privileges. The release of the next virus should mean the PRC loses her naval privileges. It's entirely possible to turn the PRC into a landlocked country, no ships come in; no ships come out. Winnie-the-Pooh's Navy is weak & shoddily built…his diplomacy's too big for his gunboats!

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