Why the U.S Built Only 3 of the Deadliest Submarines Ever, Like The F-22 of Submarines

The ‘F-22’ of Submarines: Why America Built Only 3 of the Deadliest Submarines Ever

In the late 1980s, the U.S. Navy was faced with a crisis. In 1980, the Soviet Union had received information from the Walker family spy ring that the Navy could track its submarines through excessive propeller noise. As a result, the Soviet Union went looking for advanced Western machinery to make better propellers. In 1981, the Japanese company Toshiba sold propeller milling machinery—now relatively common nine-axis CNC milling machines—to the Soviet Union via the Norwegian Kongsberg corporation.

By the mid 1980s, the Soviet Union’s new machinery began to make itself felt. The new Akula-class submarines had a “ steep drop in broadband acoustic noise profiles ”. One government source told the Los Angeles Times , “the submarines started to get silent only after the Toshiba stuff went in.” On top of running silent, the Akula class could dive to depths of up to two thousand feet—while the U.S. Navy’s frontline submarines, the Los Angeles class, could dive to only 650 feet.

To combat the threat of the Akula class, the U.S. Navy responded with the Seawolf class of nuclear attack submarines. The Seawolf submarines were designed with HY-100 steel alloy hulls two inches thick , the better to withstand the pressures of deep diving. HY-100 steel is roughly 20 percent stronger than the HY-80 used in the Los Angeles class. As a result, the submarines are capable of diving to depths of up to two thousand feet, and crush depth estimates run from 2,400 to 3,000 feet.


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  1. >Why the U.S Built Only 3 of the Deadliest Submarines Ever, Like The F-22 of Submarines?
    becaue they never had Russian newest Borei class, neither a smaller Kilo class. which is dead silent, THE most silent sub too this day and was made before "the Japanese company Toshiba sold propeller milling machinery" you dummy mutt

  2. Don't watch the video, the answer is simply . Because only 1 is enough.. same reasons the Russians Only operate 1 akula class . Because 1 alone is enough to ruin the planet.

  3. It never fails to amaze me how Congress has no problems to be always SLASHING & BURNING military spending, while going hog wild spending like a drunken sailor on a port call where stuff like STIMULUS and Non-Existent Shovel Ready Jobs, which gives no return on the investments.
    When Obama came to power he spent $900 Billion on that Fake program and within a yr it all disappeared into the pockets of his cronies without any accountability.
    That $900 Billion could have gotten us a massive fleet of many thousands of F-22, instead, we have a pitiful fleet of just 180 and we have to treat them like the crown jewels.

  4. What a joke. An extra hundred feet added for Navy Seals special teams rescue operations…the ones Carter was too chicken to really use when he was president, ordering the commandos trying to save our hostages not to have live ammo chambered in their guns and only lock and load after you are fired on…meaning one or more of out men dead!…so we don't hurt any innocent Iranians!…putting our own brave men in harms way unprotected..insanity…but Carter ordered it! The soldiers all wisely ignored this absurd order from a political fool. The man who destroyed Florida by taking Castro's jail and insane asylum inmates in his crazy mass Cuban refugee fiasco…which spawned the hit t.v. series "Miami Vice" after the drug lords took over the city. What a disgusting name to give such a fine submarine!

  5. This is when I think the U.S. is really stupid only three freaking submarines are you kidding me russia and China alone have more submarines and three of this I think it's not enough what if two of this gets heavily damaged then what!

  6. Great video with tons of information, but the computer voice is distracting and hard to understand in places. While I loved the video of the Ohio class missile sub being escorted by the dolphins and then submerging at the end, I wish that you would have identified her. It's a bit misleading to have your video be about the Seawolf class subs, but have so much of the pictures be of an unidentified Ohio class sub. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the video very much. I have nothing but admiration for submarine sailors. We have the best Navy in the world.

  7. Allow me to save you ten minutes of garbage robot voice and overly dramatic, over used music.

    The Soviet Union collapsed ending the need for the Seawolf. Coat overruns mean shit to the military. See F-35.

    You're welcome


    Former submariner

  8. Clear the bridge, come down, close and secure the outer hatch. Dive- Dive-Dive open ballast tanks aft,,, open ballast tanks forward. Set submerged watch, take position every 30 minutes, notify me if there are any fishing vessels in the area using gear. Sonar to update on every new contact, and report every minute on identified contact. Notify navcom next touch will be in 8 hours at 15:00 sharp.

  9. Stupid science
    Science doesn't know
    Jupiter growing up to create the Sun.
    The Earth is about to have two Suns
    Earth is constantly expanding, proof is that Hawaii volcanic lava is constantly erupting

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